Galette Des Rois


The Epiphany is celebrated on the second Sunday after Christmas.
It is to celebrate the arrival of the biblical three kings to honour baby Jesus with gifts and a Galette des Rois (the Kings’ cake).
The Galette des Rois is a round puff pastry cake. The traditional version is filled with frangipane which is a rich almond cream, but variations exist. A fève (ceramic figurine) is hidden within the buttery cake.
The person who bites the trinket becomes “king or queen of the day,” receiving the golden paper crown and obligations such as buying the next Galette des Rois for the next celebration.
So French people never missed the chance to enjoy a galette des rois with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues or anyone, anytime, in January.


  • Frangipane filling( almond cream)
  • Pear, Chocolate and Frangipane
  • Roasted Apple and Cinnamon
Priced by weight : $4.30/100g


 Share as many Galettes as you can with anyone you like.
Keep all your figurine!
As soon as you have the whole family (ten little figurines), bring them to one of our boutiques and win a $75 Thobors gift certificate!
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Time to Eat Your Galette!