white flour bread

$2.85 / 5.70

Sesame see / Poppy seed baguette

white flour bread


7 Grains Baguette / Loaf

dark flour, rye flour, multigrain


Thobors Baguette

white flour, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds



white flour fluffy bread

$2.85 / 5.70

Sourdough Loaf


Organic Wholegrain


Honey Rye

rye flour, raisins, honey, hazelnut


Fig Bread

white flour bread with dried figs


Maple Pecan

white flour bread with maple syrup and pecans


Pain de Mie

white sandwich bread


Olive Bread



olive oil bread with tomatoes, mushrooms, olives or ham


Cocoa Bread

white bread, cocoa powder, chocolate chips - featured in The Toronto Star -