NEW - Le Chouchou

Chocolate Brittany shortbread, almond dacquoise, white chocolate mousse, strawberry jelly, vanilla glaze

The French Lady

Shortbread cookie, fig and raspberry mousse, white chocolate ganache monté, raspberry and fig confit.

Casse Noisette

Hazelnut dacquoise, dark chocolate ganache, praline mousse covered with a 41% milk chocolateand hazelnut glaze

Purple Rain

Vanilla lemon sponge cake, lime cream cheese mousse, blackberry and blueberry confit

L'oir Noir

Milk chocolate praline crumble, 70% dark chocolate mousse with Tonka crémeux

Victor Hugo

coconut crumble, passion fruit, coconut, mango and pineapple mousse, mango and pienapple crémeux, mango macaron

Fraisier / Framboisier

Sponge cake, light pastry cream and fresh strawberries / raspberries with a thin layer of almond paste


Almond dacquoise covered with milk chocolate hazelnut croquant and 58% dark chocolate mousse

Mille Feuille

Puff pastry and vanilla mousseline cream with fresh fruits (available without fruits)

Le Raffiné Chocolat

70% dark chocolate flourless biscuit, 70% dark chocolate crémeux and 70% dark chocolate mousse

Sweet Tess

Crunchy chocolate Brittany Almond dacquoise, Madagascar vanilla bean mousse, milk chocolate caramel croquant


Lady finger dipped in coffee and Porto mascarpone cream


Flourless dark chocolate cake

Boule Choc

Meringue, chocolate buttercream and chocolate sprinkles

Mango Crème Brûlée

custard with dried mangoes


plain custard


Tarte au Chocolat

Layer of crunchy hazelnut praline and dark chocolate (58%) ganache on a sweet paste and roasted almonds


Sweet paste, almond cream with pear, apricot or peach

Tarte aux Fruits

Sweet paste with pastry cream topped with fresh fruits and berries

Blueberry Tart

Sweet paste, almond cream with lemon zest and blueberries

Tarte aux Pommes

sweet paste, almond cream, apples


sweet paste, almond cream, lemon cream and meringue

Tarte Normande

Sweet paste, almond cream, apples, dates, pecans and almonds



choux paste, chocolate, coffee or pistachio flavoured pastry cream


Choux paste and praline mousseline